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The 4 Critical Factors For Massive Success In The New Economy

I think that if someone were to document every breakthrough moment, genius idea and significant advancement in the human race, I think they would find a disproportionate amount of those ideas occurred while someone was taking a dump.

This is one of those insights.


The following are four things I absolutely think you will need if you want to be successful in anything. (And yes... success, in this case, refers to something that not only you love but also something that makes you money. Sometimes lots of it.)

The first is that you need to be a creator.

The world's simplest decision-making system

On The Best of Sett

This might relieve a lot of headaches for you in day to day life:

Consider a binary system for making any decision:

Would I sleep with that girl, yes or no?

Most guys have a scale of one to ten.

The binary system: 1/0. Yes, no?

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