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I didn't get my face stomped in by hordes of angry thai protesters. Win.

So let me tell you a little about my time in one of the world's great capitals, Bangkok.

A week prior to my trip, a client (Sasha) emails me. "Hey, wanna come to Thailand? My whole team is flying in."


Bangkok: A Recap (Travel Update)

On Konstantin

Jan 14th - 27th:

(Image: One of the first things I saw when I got out of the train from the airport. Protest site: Victory Monument, 6 a.m.)

So, here is my problem: When I started traveling around Thailand I was very busy with … well … doing the things a tourist would do. Experiencing the city. Finding a new guesthouse every night. Socializing with a few people.

But looming in the background would always be this blog thing. I wanted to write one, wanted to share the things I experienced. So I began occasionally making little notes of things I wanted to publish later on. These were mere scribbles or things I promised myself I would remember to write down “when I get around to it”. Thoughts on how utterly ridiculous the protest is displayed in western media. Fragments of conversation about the fascinating details I was told about the great king of Thailand. My experiences eating insects from a Chinese street vendor. Rants about the Thai taxi and tuk-tuk mafia.

And so notes and scribbles kept piling up, while getting around to editing all those into a publishable format came further and further out of reach. I say enough! Screw all of that. I'll just summarize so that at least SOMETHING ever gets on here.

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