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Why I'm Done with Mercedes Benz of Austin

On Tynan

A quick background - I love Mercedes cars. As a kid my dad had one for a few years (incidentally, he hated it) and I always liked riding it. When we went to the dealership I would be drawn in by the pro-Mercedes anti-BMW propaganda.

When I bought my first car with my own money, it was a 1985 Mercedes 380SE. It was ten years old at the time, was the first car I'd even test driven, but I really loved the car. Even though it was so old it had good features and was fun to drive. Two months later, it broke.

Several years later I bought my second Mercedes, a 1994 E320 Coupe. I've always been a huge fan of the Mercedes Coupes. For one they have really cool four place seating, so instead of three squished seats in the back you have two full ones with a console in the middle. Their lines are beautiful, and they're fairly rare. I actually still have that car, although my brother, Devon, drives it right now.

128. From Here to There

On 365days 100words


Like a jigsaw puzzle of vehicles, the traffic jam stretched itself out lazily over four hundred metres. Cyclists had it easy, weaving paths out of nothing only to be caught in a temporary cul-de-sac of fuming drivers. Bus conductors formed a group on the pavement, smoking their bidis. A woman in a BMW rolled the tinted window down for the first time since she left her house. The solid-red, circular traffic light was all that kept the congestion in place; as I stood staring from my terrace, admiring a beautiful puzzle that changed when you were ten storeys down inside a vehicle.

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