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What is Social Media???

On Social Mediatrics

'Social Media' is a raging word which has been a common word among people these days. We are surrounded by social media be it on a computer or a mobile and it has become an integral part of the society. So what exactly is Social Media and who creates the buzz around social media????

Social media is a very broad term and accumulates several different types of media on the web such as videos, blogs, photos, networks, etc. It is a two-way communication channel which is totally different from the traditional one way media (newspaper, radio, TV). It lets everyone share content that other people can share, in turn, with their online connections. Its YOU that creates the buzz around social media.

"Social media envelopes web-based and mobile-based technologies to share and discuss information between organisations, communities and individuals".

There are many categories of social media and many of the websites have become a mixtures of these categories. However lets look at the main categories:

Pros and Cons of various social media websites: A personal perspective!!

On Social Mediatrics

Knowing what are different social media forms and the top social media websites, you might be confused as to which social media platform is the best for you. You might have just created an account because your friend uses it or your family member has invited you!! But are you totally utilizing the social media platform you are?? Is there a better platform where you could find better people to connect with?? In this post we will look at some pros and cons of some of the most used social media platforms used nowadays and I hope it would help you know exactly where you fit. These comparisons are on a personal prospective than a business perspective. I have selected the social media websites which are top in their category.

1. Facebook: (Social Media Networking)


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