like an apple

Crackers, rice, lentils, meat, but I would rather eat, a poem, like an apple.


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Carpe Diem special...and special resources for teaching haiku!

As you may know, the task for the "special" prompts at Carpe Diem is to write a haiku in the spirit and style of a great haiku. This week, the special prompt is this haiku by Kikaku:

the beggar!he has Heaven and Earthfor his summer clothes

It's beautiful and thoughtful. I also loved Kristjaan's own haiku in response to the prompt, later in his post about this prompt.

For my response, I am going to take the prompt as a starting point and also as a segue into giving you links to some great haiku resources for teachers, which I just learned about. So, here is my haiku, inspired by Kikaku's The Beggar.

a real teacher sees as the student sees and shifts that view

Enjoying the weather (personal thoughts)

On Mike Dariano

Ohio really has some splendid weather – something you probably don’t hear very often.  Right now for instance, it’s wonderfully delightful.  We may have a few more days that are especially warm – in the 90’s – but not many and most of the other day’s highs will fall somewhere in the 70-80 degree range. And that’s wonderful.

Yes I know that parts of southern California have this weather year round but that’s probably too easy to get used to.  They don’t appreciate it like us Ohioans.  Even though we appreciate what we have now each and every person living in Ohio knows in the back of their minds, come January and February things are going to be frigid.  But it’s hard to think of that now.  Now it seems like this end of summer, beginning of fall weather can last forever.  That leaves will always crunch, the air will be cool and fresh, and being outside will be perpetual entertainment. 

Take a minute to think of a forest.  Got that image in mind?  It’s probably one you’ve seen before on television, in a calendar, or somewhere else.  Very few people when asked don’t think up and generate an original forest in their minds.  Our brains are running through things as quickly as they can and I wonder if this is part of our shortsightedness. 

I know for a fact that this weather won’t last but either can’t or don’t think about it changing.  Is there more to think about? Am I wired not to think about this?  Is this why humans are traditionally poor long range planners, because we don’t project original ideas well? 

I don’t know.  What I do know is to enjoy what I have now and no that no matter how things change – for better or worse – days like today will not last and I should appreciate them and enjoy the moment. 

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