like an apple

Crackers, rice, lentils, meat, but I would rather eat, a poem, like an apple.


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Carpe Diem special...and special resources for teaching haiku!

As you may know, the task for the "special" prompts at Carpe Diem is to write a haiku in the spirit and style of a great haiku. This week, the special prompt is this haiku by Kikaku:

the beggar!he has Heaven and Earthfor his summer clothes

It's beautiful and thoughtful. I also loved Kristjaan's own haiku in response to the prompt, later in his post about this prompt.

For my response, I am going to take the prompt as a starting point and also as a segue into giving you links to some great haiku resources for teachers, which I just learned about. So, here is my haiku, inspired by Kikaku's The Beggar.

a real teacher sees as the student sees and shifts that view

My Response to Maneesh's "7 reasons you should move to Berlin today"

On CoreyB

I was in Berlin for an extended weekend recently, and the whole time I found myself agreeing again and again with what I had read about the city in Maneesh's ( post about it. It's a great post and introduction to Berlin, even if he oversells his reasons a bit. Below is his article, with some of my additional thoughts in italics.


It had been a long time since I’d stayed in one city for so long, but I’d engineered it so I could spend my final quarter of Stanford abroad…and receive financial aid at the same time. I’d heard nothing but great things about Berlin, and when Stanford  offered me a paid summer internship, meaning I’d be living scot free in the city, I couldn’t say no.Within weeks of arriving, I understood why Berlin had received so much praise—the only other city I’ve ever seen as revered is Buenos Aires. Let me tell you now exactly why you should log on to and buy a ticket to Berlin, Germany.

I was blown away when I saw the prices in Berlin. Living expenses are as cheap, or cheaper, than most cities in South America! (Buenos Aires included). I could afford dinners an the nightlife—Berlin is by FAR the cheapest capital city in Western Europe. Here are some examples of my costs (everything is converted into dollars at 1 € = $1.50)

[Side note: one time I only had 1EUR on me, and I entered a gas station to buy water. Water cost € 1.25. Beer cost € 0.60. Needless to say, my decision was made for me]

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