like an apple

Crackers, rice, lentils, meat, but I would rather eat, a poem, like an apple.


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Soft pebbles with tails

The other day I took my sons fishing, and much of the time was spent observing wildlife at the pond we visited. My older son was picking and investigating at the bank and suddenly shouted, Mom! I found tadpoles!

Now I should probably have explained before starting this story that my sister and I spent much of summers 1978-83 exploring the landscape of the large dairy farm we lived on. And one of the most consistently interesting parts of the farm was a pond far out in the pasture, where the cows didn't really go. It had lots of leeches...and frogs and tadpoles.

So. When my son found tadpoles the other day at the pond, somehow a child's voice shouting "tadpoles!" triggered some ancient synapse and I found myself leaping over to him with a delighted whooping sound that I didn't know adults could even make. And without even a moment's thought I was putting my hand in to feel and catch and touch the soft little black blobs.

And the smell. Bending down to the bank, that sweet, earthy smell of wet trampled grass and muddy packed earth and the reeds submerged in the warm shallow water and coated with algael fuzz. I know it is a cliche, but I don't know how else to say it: I was transported, body and soul, into my self of 30+ years ago, pure joyful curiosity and sensory experience of squishy froggy life.

The Most Minimalist Shoes in Existence

On Tynan

I had a bit of a love affair with the Vibram Five Fingers. Todd got a pair right before we headed to Tokyo on Life Nomadic 2008, and I was jealous the whole time. Near the end of the trip Vibram graciously sent me a pair (intentionally delayed until after the running of the bulls, because they didn't want to be associated with that), and I wore them as my only shoes for a couple years afterwards.

I love how the Five Fingers feel, I love how they look, and I love supporting such an innovative company, BUT.... they smell terrible.

If you wear them as your primary shoes, you have to wash them every five to seven days or they smell really bad. When you live in an RV, this is difficult to do well, and when they're your only set of footwear, it's annoying to wait for them to dry. So I began searching for a replacement.

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