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Robot and Frank

Lets Watch

Adorable, yet scarily truthful are the best adjectives to describe this wonderful gem located deep in the bowels of Netflix. Like always, I had known absolutely nothing about this movie upon viewing besides the short couple sentences supplied by the video streaming company. That is the best way to go about things, anyway, in my opinion. Either have negative or zero expectations about something that way with any outcome its a positive experience.

Its very hard to talk about this movie without giving away major plot points so I am going to do the best I can. Wait, what movie are we talking about again? (just look at the picture yo) Oh yes! I knew that, I just got distracted. Lets continue.

Behind the Scenes with Tax Protestors Ed and Elaine Brown

On Tynan

He doesn't like to call it a compound, so I won't. It does have 10 inch thick concrete walls, though. When I heard that Ed Brown was allowing visitors to his "home" in New Hampshire, I had to visit.

Ed and Elaine Brown are a pair of famous tax protestors who are evading arrest in a standoff with the feds.

I exited the highway and passed a Wal Mart. Soon the road became only one lane each way. Soon it was winding through farmland. Shortly after it became a dirt road. The RV hopped over the potholes as veered left onto their street.

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