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ENDIes Populates London

ENDIes are populating London due to the high cost of living. Back in the good times several decades ago, the acronym YUPies (Young Urban Professionals) dominates the streets of London. In bad economic times the acronym ENDIes (Employed with No Disposal Income) roam the streets discontented.

The Centre for London - an organization aimed at connecting, researching, influencing for a better London - report says a million workers can hardly make ends meet. They felt ignored and overworked. Charles Leadbeater, the authors of the report note: "While 'endies' don't complain, they are increasingly disenchanted with the political system. Unless London does better by them, the city's politics could easily turn sour." Leadbeater was a former adviser to former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Why trying to completely seperate children and sexuality is fooslish

On Sex and Toys

I’d like to think of my parent’s subtly liberal. They never shout progressive statements from the windows or write angry blog posts, but when a situation comes along that requires an open mind (like my brother coming out of the closet) they always blow me away with how accepting they are. As a child, my parents didn’t talk to me about sex very often. In fact, I can’t remember ever having a birds and bees conversation with them. Then again, I’ve been known to have a strikingly terrible memory of my childhood, complete with fictitious tales and forgotten pets. Nevertheless, I’ve been around a few children in the past year and have been able to pick up on techniques their parents use that perhaps I can’t exactly remember my parents using. Most of them baffle me.

When having dinner at my boyfriend’s house, I remembered an optical illusion we had been shown in introductory pyschology that apparently would be perceived differently by different age groups:

Basically, younger children will see a bunch of dolphins, while more mature people will see two naked lovers (if you’re having trouble even making out the dolphins, it’s probably because you’re the type of person who reads blogs about sex). My boyfriend’s step-sister’s step-child (phew) was with us and I figured I’d never get another chance to try the experiment out on account of my inherent avoidance of small children. When I told Tasha the photo could potentially be inappropriate, she asked if it was of a “P-E-N-I-S”. I probably should mention that her child is of the male sex and in turn owns a “P-E-N-I-S”.

Again, I very rarely share the company of small children, so this impromptu spelling test sort of surprised me. Why couldn’t she just have said penis? It’s not a curse word by any means. And it’s not explicitly a sexual word either; it’s simply a body part that all biological males possess. We don’t make up cutesy euphemistic terms for arms or fingers, do we? But apparently penis is a naughty word, and you should instead convert to saying “pee pee” when you want to refer to that certain organ. Ugh.

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