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Legalize Casino Gambling in Japan

In view of the recent media reports that the health ministry is pushing to ban Japanese nationals from the legalize casino in Japan due to fears about addiction, Toru Mihara said he wants local gamblers to be allowed. Mihara, a Professor at the Osaka University of Commerce and legal adviser to the Japanese lawmakers seeking to legalize casinos, was involved in drafting the casino bill. He told reporters the government should tackle the issue of problem gambling through counseling and other means, and not by imposing a ban.

Asked whether he thought casino gambling should be limited to foreigners, Mihara said: "It would be entirely out of the question. I would estimate that about 80 percent of all visitors will be Japanese. The remainder will be foreigners." Companies including Las Vegas Sands Corp and Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd are vying to win the first licences to operate casinos in Japan, a market that brokerage CLSA estimates could generate annual revenue of $40 billion. [Reuters, 28 Aug 2014].

Casino resorts were identified as the key feature under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic growth plan. Any delays in the process could dampen the hopes of global casino operators intention to capture the gaming market in time for tourism peak during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

How You Can Become a Professional Gambler

On Tynan

I get an annoying amount of email from people asking me how to gamble like I used to. The truth is that what I used to do isn't profitable anymore. It was a right time, right place sort of scenario. Although I'm not a professional gambler anymore, I have been spending time studying and improving at poker (I'm a break-even or slightly profitable player), and I have friends who are pros. There are surely several different paths you can take to make a living gambling; this is the one that I'm aware of and is feasible for someone of above average intelligence.

Despite offering a rough guide to making money gambling, I don't necessarily recommend that you do so. I gambled professionally for seven years. During that time I made a lot of money and enjoyed my life. One morning I woke up and all of my money was gone. The story behind that is complicated, but the gist is that "they caught on". The strongest emotion I felt was a sense of relief. Gambling is fun, but it's not "big". It doesn't contribute in a meaningful way or leave you with a body of work.

Most casino games have a house advantage ranging from 2-5%, assuming "perfect play". That means that if you play perfectly, you can expect to lose, on average, about 2-5% of the action you put through a machine. Perfect play for slot machines is simply to bet the maximum amount of coins (the jackpot is skewed heavily in favor of maximum coins). For blackjack you need to memorize what to do for every combination of player hands vs. dealer hands, specific to each set of rules (hit on soft 17, resplitting aces, etc).

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