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Suit Guy

I am currently living with a 300 pound female artist who focuses mostly on painting portraits of naked people and cats. She doesn’t speak a word of English (only Catalan) but seems very nice. Our short conversations consist mostly of me saying “Bueno” and “Gracias” a lot (I am a very polite spanish speaker) and have on more than one occasion devolved into us talking to each other through Google Translate.

I think we both think the living arrangement is kind of fun. ;-p

At the beginning of the week, we had a chat that was different than the ones before it.

“Something something something, amigo, no cama, tres dias, something something something”, she told me with a huge smile.

For Love or Money (Month of Happiness)

On Mike Dariano

This month's challenge is to live a happier life. Here's where I got started.

To start with happiness might seem like I'm unhappy, that's not true. It's a bit closer to Am I content with the foods I eat?

I like to eat pizza and chili. Somedays I think I could eat those two things all the time, but not really. Those things would get boring and their allure would spoil. Instead I need to find more food options and to do that I have to start looking. One recent example is with my chili recipe. I formally used the seasoning packets that come premixed as 'Chili' or 'Spicy Chili' off the grocery store shelves. As I was looking at the ingredients one day, I realized all the spices in those little packages already lived happily in my cabinet. I opened my cabinet to find chili powder, cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper lined up like little soldiers. I started mixing and remixing until I found an even better combination for my chili. The same with happiness.

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