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On Approaches to the Past - Letters to Home

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Just Look Within (Poem)

Breathe music.

Serenade the ocean deep

Stand aghast at the maiden who mourns her childhood

Give compassion by your joyous tongue

Test yourself that you have clean eyes

what to do with shame

On Life, Happening Now

Ever have that feeling or thoughts that you're not good enough? Or those hidden secrets that you don't tell even your best friends, for fear of judgement or ridicule? We all have an inner critic, that tells us what is okay and not okay to share with others. This inner critic keeps us bound up in our shame, making us feel like a million knots are tied tightly against our hearts. And they are some painful knots!

The Faces of Shame

Shame comes shrouded in the mystery of a uniquely strange emotion - often it is very difficult to pinpoint without self-reflection. The irritating thing about shame is that we bury it deep after we first experience, and develop behaviors that help us maintain the secret from others. Unfortunately, these shame behaviors have a two-fold effect:

1. they shackle us into sadness and loneliness

2. they wreak small chaos in our relationships with others (insecurity, anger, awkwardness, inability to become vulnerable)

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