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Spotlight - Russian Ball


For the first time since 1921 Venski Bal Moskva announced the arrival of the Russian Ball to London’s Royal Albert Hall. The Russian Ball brought royal tradition spanning over 200 years straight to the heart of London. The glamourous traditions of the Ramanov era were thouroughly enjoyed by the guests. From the imaginative culinary dishes to the stars of Jazz: Igor Butman and Semen Milstein all added to the ambience. Evgenia Viktorovna Obraztsova Prima ballerina of the Bolshi Theatre was spectacular and our favourite in this star-studded evening, further embellishing the contributions of Russian’s artists.

A-Listed interviewed debutante couple, Niina Golikova and AlexanderSidukov to find out more about their Russian heritage and taking part in the Russian Ball.

Tell us about where you grew up?

Ninna - I grew up in Estonia, in a small town called Sillamae. Today Sillamae is a strategic trading EU port, the closest to Russia.

Cold War 2.0

On Sara Alina

Are we on the brink of another Cold War and return to the USSR? Since taking office, Putin has spent the last decade reinventing Russia as the old superpower. He has begun to introduce the Soviet national anthem and famously stating the fall of the USSR the world’s largest geopolitical catastrophe, Putin has taken advantage of people’s emotional attachment to Soviet symbols in order to benefit his own corrupt and authoritarian agenda.

According to The Washington Post, “ President Obama on Thursday ordered sanctions against Ukrainian and Russian officials in connection with the crisis over Ukraine’s Crimea region, and he denounced Crimea’s move to join the Russian Federation as unconstitutional and a violation of international law”.

Obama has also asked for the support from Russia to help resolve the crisis by starting direct talks with Ukraine and agreeing to allow international monitors into Crimea, as well as the rest of Ukraine, to ensure that the rights of all Ukrainians, including ethnic Russians, are respected.

I can only hope that this situation can be resolved quickly with minimal causalities.

-Love Sara Alina

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