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Is it cheaper to fly internationally to buy your next suits, luggage, etc?


Two days ago, I went to a high end tailor for the first time in my life, Dung Tailor in Saigon, Vietnam. I got measured and ordered a shirt and a pair of pants. Cost: 1,020,000 VND, or a little more than $50 USD total.

This reminds me of when I was in Chengdu, China five years ago. In Chengdu, I bought a beautiful red leather suitcase for $100 USD, and got shirts and shoes for about $5 each.

So, would it be cheaper for you to fly to another country to buy your items? Here's the calculator I'd use:

1. Figure out what you're going to pay on clothing, shirts, shoes, and hand-crafted gifts in the next year.

2. Assume you can get that at between 40% and 70% off in Vietnam, China, or a relevant part of South America if you live in a Western country.

Overview of TDS through “HAPA”(HRMS)

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Overview of TDS through “HAPA”(HRMS)

TDS is one of the modes of collection of taxes, by which a certain percentage of amounts are deducted by a person through HAPA (HRMS)at the time of making/crediting certain specific nature of payment to the other person through HAPA and deducted amount is remitted to the Government account. It is similar to "PAY AS YOU EARN" scheme also known as Withholding Tax in many other countries, one of the countries is USA. The concept of TDS envisages the principle of "PAY AS YOU EARN". HAPA (HRMS)facilitates sharing of responsibility of tax collection between the deductor and the tax administration. HAPA (HRMS) ensures regular inflow of cash resources to the Government. HAPA (HRMS) acts as a powerful instrument to prevent tax evasion as well as expands the tax net.

HAPA (Human Resources and People Appreciation) which is a well-known low cost HRMS solution in the market, made specifically, keeping the needs of small and medium businesses in mind, takes care of all the limitations and regulations, and complies with the Tax Deduction at Source

Who shall deduct tax at source?

Every person responsible for making payment of nature covered by TDS provisions of Income Tax Act shall be responsible to deduct tax.

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