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On The Land of Math

It is a beautiful day outside.The temperature is in the mid 80’s; it’s sunny, low humidity, peaceful with a light breeze.Most people would probably agree that this sounds like a very pleasant day.

Most of us could agree on the key factors that make up a beautiful day, but there would be a lot of debate on how to assign a value to each.

It is impossible to assign a value to every element that makes up a beautiful day.Each part of the day is important and relies on the other elements to make up the day.If just one of these elements is off (no sunshine, high humidity, etc.) the quality of the day suffers.

As silly as it is to say that a light breeze makes up 10% of a great day it’s equally silly to give different teachers a percent of a student’s success or failure.

Why are things the way they are? From the perspective of school.

On Mike Dariano

Before kids I never thought much about why something was chosen instead of another. With kids though I think about this all the time. One example is that lately there's been a lot of discussion about homeschooling. Reading books like A Year of Living Dangerously and The Teenage Liberation handbook bring up thoughts about why school is designed the way it is.

Schools can largely be really unfortunate situations. The food is normally very poor, there aren't usually consistently high levels of educators, not all the kids are wonderful - my certainly have moments they aren't - and there is a lot of wasted time. So why do kids go to school? It's the default choice so people do it.

Dan at Tropical MBA talks a lot about his lifestyle and that though he may not make as much as he could living in the United States - he lives in the Philippines - his lifestyle is much better. The cost of living is lower, the weather wonderful, the people incredible. If you could guarantee yourself an income of $45,000 USD would you live in the United States when you could live anywhere? If you could nearly guarantee a better education for your kids would you?

There's a line in the television show Friends when Joey is wondering how people arrange the furniture in their living rooms if they don't have a television. Good question. TV, kitchen, bed. These are the things we always arrange our homes around. The kitchen and bed make some sense, but television? Not really.

Why do kids need to learn different arts? Why can't they just pick one thing? Why don't sports and band and church choir and computer gaming count for academic credits? How would I change things?

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