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Educations Directly Responsible Individual

It is a beautiful day outside.The temperature is in the mid 80’s; it’s sunny, low humidity, peaceful with a light breeze.Most people would probably agree that this sounds like a very pleasant day.

Most of us could agree on the key factors that make up a beautiful day, but there would be a lot of debate on how to assign a value to each.

It is impossible to assign a value to every element that makes up a beautiful day.Each part of the day is important and relies on the other elements to make up the day.If just one of these elements is off (no sunshine, high humidity, etc.) the quality of the day suffers.

As silly as it is to say that a light breeze makes up 10% of a great day it’s equally silly to give different teachers a percent of a student’s success or failure.

[Spotlight] Khan Academy

On Chasing a New Dream

With my [Spotlight] posts I am planning on highlighting new and important resources, groups, and individuals in the public and personal education fields.

I figured the best place to start would be the Khan Academy. The Khan Academy is at the center of push to revolution traditional K-12 education throughout the world.

What Is The Khan Academy?

The Khan Academy is a free online resource to help students and adults learn subjects at their own pace. The site has extensive lessons in math, from arithmetic to differential equations. In addition to these lessons they currently have and are adding more lessons in science, economics, computer science, humanities, and test prep.

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