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Monday Morning(ish) Musing: The future-present of pop culture

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A different-from-usual topic today: technology.

This week my Chromecast dongle** arrived, and we got to play with it this weekend. So far, we have used it to stream YouTube videos to the TV. Mostly, these were videos about the game Minecraft**, which my sons love to watch. [**Note: for those unfamiliar with Minecraft or Chromecast, at the end of this post I have given some background information that you can go read, and then pop back up.]

We have for a few years now been one of the (fast-growing) "streaming-only" TV families. This means, we have no cable. In fact, we don't watch regular TV. I suppose we could get regular broadcast channels, but why? Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and DVD/Bluray, we have more to watch than we ever could. With no commercials. (The only downside to which seems to be that when we are watching regular TV at someone else's home, my boys find the commercials more interesting than anything else. Kids and novelty, sigh.)

In addition to streaming to the TV, though, my boys sometimes want to watch videos on YouTube, on a computer. At first most of these were funny and marginally-inappropriate videos they found out about at a friend's house or something. Nowadays, though, mostly the boys want to watch YouTube "channels" about Minecraft and/or other video games.

When we first started playing Minecraft, my older son found a great set of "introduction to Minecraft" videos called "Survive and Thrive." Visiting it just now, I see that in just the year since we first found it, the channel has gotten way swankier and more elaborate.

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