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A Better World Starts with a Better You: 2012

I have been into self-improvement for a long time now. For almost five years now I have religiously followed a number of authors who speak to becoming a bigger, badder you.

However, the pursuit has always felt a little hollow to me. Becoming a better you has always felt to me to necessitate an overly inward eye. Many years ago I took a pledge around a campfire to live my life for others. While I was just a kid at the time, the pledge is still something that I take seriously, something that has been fed by my activities since.

This campfire experience is one that came back to me several years later when I sought to learn more about Buddhism. My interest was academic rather than spiritual, but I was struck by something on a deeper level nonetheless. I was watching a video series with basic information about what it was to be a Buddhist, and I was struck by a statement the monks said ad the beginning of each installment. "... to achieve enlightenment for the betterment of all beings..."

That is how self improvement reconciles with altruistic, charitable living.

That is how I want to live my life.

[Book] Die Broke

On Chasing a New Dream

RATING: 78// Interesting perspective on personal finance worth understanding, but you probably don’t need to buy/read the book to understand the perspective.

THE FACTS // Author : Stephen M. Pollan > Category : Personal Finance > Time to Read : 2-4 Hour

TWITTER SUMMARY // Don’t manage your personal finances like it’s the 19 th century. Always be searching for a job, avoid debt, don’t retire, and die broke.

IMPORTANT NOTES // The book was last updated in 1998 so a lot of the specific recommendations are outdated.

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