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Mindfulness and Needs

The free dictionary defines mindfulness as follows: (n.) the trait of staying aware of (paying close attention to) your responsibilities

What are some of our responsibilities in life? We all have basic need in life. Maslow's hierarchy of needs dictates that we need to fulfill five things in sequence. We must satisfy our physiological needs to live such as food, water and breath. Then we must satisfy a need for safety from the manifest threats of this world. From there we crave the attention and company of friends and significant others, and from here we seek things that bolster our self esteem and seek to gain not just the attention of but also the respect of others.Finally we look to bring some sort of deeper fulfillment in our lives, thinking of our legacy through creating things and solving problems.

As I glance over this list I see that pretty much all of them are important factors that all play into my own quality of life. Moreover these are all things to pay attention to, or I should say be mindful of. Certainty we should be aware of our need to eat and satisfy it or we will starve. It is equally important that we understand the condition of our relationships with friends, family, and significant others and give them proper maintenance or they will suffer. If we don't focus on our work we won't get that promotion. If we don't pay attention in class, our grades will suffer.

There is simple cause and effect that if we are not mindful of somethings, that is being aware of its condition and working to better its condition, then it will suffer. I'm sure that we are all pretty good at keeping ourselves fed, and that we all have a roof over our heads, for the most part. These things are just a part of our condition nowadays, but I would challenge you to determine how mindful of things you truly are, and seek to pay more attention to the things you regularly pass over.

Food for thought;



What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of being. It is a way of connecting with your life. It is being aware of the present moment. Being in a closer relation to what’s going on right now. It doesn’t matter what you are paying attention to, but it should be enjoyable, not an effort. Mindfulness is a powerful silence, outside and in, that nourishes us and heals us. The more you concentrate or meditate on something, the more beauty it will have.

Think back to when you were a kid, if you can’t do that, think of a kid you know or have seen on television. Kids live their lives in the present moment, without judgment. They don’t worry about the future or the past; they live for what is going on right now.

Greater mindfulness = Greater happiness, love, wisdom, emotional balance, peace of mind, and relationships.

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