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Changes: the Power of Little

One of the driving principles of this site, along with my life, is that little improvements turn into big changes. I always strive to be better at everything, absolutely everything. The key is that I don't try to tackle this mission all at once. That would be far too intimidating. I take improving bit by bit. The little bits build to big changes over time. Here's why little is so powerful.

The power of little

We've been encouraged for a lot of our lives to think big. We are encouraged to dream big and to make big plans. WE have been promised that big will give us better results than small. Our food portions are big. Our cars are big. Bigger is better and better is bigger. Yet big is made up of small. A big basket with a burger and fries wouldn't be full if it weren't for all of those individual fries. A house can't be big without rooms. A big plan is not big without the details that go into employing it.

When it comes to making a big plan or a big goal we need to focus on the big picture. But we also need to look at all of the little pieces that make up the big picture. It is lining up a thousand small pieces that we achieve our goals. Little things are indispensable for success. Small things often compound. For example, with good organization comes easier editing. Memorizing a couple words per day makes our vocabularies bigger over time. The small stuff builds us up to the big stuff, and each little change we make makes our lives better. If I focused on being a perfect person then I would inevitably fail. If instead I focus on being kinder, more productive, and more helpful then perhaps people will think I'm perfect. Every little change supports the journey. Through every single step, we get closer to wherever it is that we are going.

How mindfulness plays in

Weekend Hobbies

On The Pretty Chicken

What are the things you enjoy doing on weekends. My friends and I promised to each other that we would always look for a new adventure every week. This coming weekend we are planning to hike on a trail that one of my cousins visited a month ago. The trail according to her was quite a challenge for us because it is very steep. Last week, my friends and I went go carting. It was the first time that I did it and we all had a great time. So that is how I usually spend my weekends. WE always do something challenging and adventurous to keep our adrenalin levels high.

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