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High Up In The Sky

So, one of the most beautiful things I did until now would probably be : standing inside a gigantic basket, lifted up high by a hot air balloon and watch the sun rises.

Seeing a sunrise is a mainstream thing, but watching it from a hot air balloon is not. lol.

We woke up super early, the sky is still dark. Off we go, to the balloon company and after a while, we got on to another bus that takes us to the mountains where there are lots and lots of balloons lying there, getting preped.

Hey, is that one taking off already ? But... we are still here ._.

Experiencing the Miracle of Powered Flight


Flew from Saigon to Kuala Lumpur yesterday, transiting in Singapore. The seats were tiny, I barely fit in it. At first I was kind of annoyed at that, and then I realized - whoa, I'm flying. I'm experiencing the miracle of powered human flight.

That put it into proper perspective, and I had a really nice flight. Related:

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