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Sleep: The Slippery Balance

I'm not a fan of sleep. It's a horrible, evil thing. It saps half of our conscious life away and fills it with a bedridden stupor. If evolution hadn't programmed it into us, we'd consider it a horrible disease and every time you checked out at Food Lion you'd be presented with a prompt asking if you'd like to donate a dollar to help stop the sleep epidemic sweeping our poor nation.

So what happens if you don't succumb to the throngs of this disease? Your productivity is stricken, you can't think straight, your emotions are dulled or exacerbated in bad ways, your long term and short term memory is shot, and your cortisol levels rise thus stressing you out. And I'm over-simplifying it!

So what happens if you succumb to TOO MUCH sleep? Interestingly, for a large portion of humanity(including myself), equally bad or worse things happen. Your stress response goes on overdrive, you become oversensitive to things, and you can even show symptoms of massive depressive syndrome.

Yesterday my alarm woke me at my usual: 7:30 AM. I was so tired I hardly remember stumbling out of bed for a moment, hitting snooze, and then crashing again until 10:00.

Death of a Dream

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I can't believe it just happened. I've finally done it. 2 Miles. Under 10 Minutes.

For the past few months, I've been waiting for the moment where I can make this my Facebook status. I've been working every day at this goal: sub 10. No one (before this post, at least) has known of this goal.

Last spring, I broke the 5-minute mile barrier. With the current training I've been doing, I've been looking at breaking the 10-minute two mile barrier this March.

Academically, I'm not the smartest person. I've always faced rejection from every single school I have ever applied to. I contacted a couple coaches at DIII universities that are academically world class. They said I would have a shot at making their cross country and track team if I could get my 3200m (2 mile) time around the ten minute boundary (plus or minus a few seconds).

My junior year track record was 10:41, eons away from 10 the flat. But, running was perhaps my only chance to finally achieve that dream of getting into a great college. I would have never thought a few years ago that I would use athletics to help gain me admission into a university. It became a possibility this year.

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