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Post #6 - Selflessness

Dear Reader,

I want you to think about this scenario:

There are two people playing basketball. Person A is very competitive. He wants to win every game. He wants to win so badly that he gets mad every time he loses. He throws things, yells at the other players, and fights. He'll punch somebody in the face over losing. Person B is a better basketball player than A. He has played the game longer, and as a result knows how to win consistently in a game of 1-on-1. A and B are good friends.

One day A challenges B to play a game with him, but B knows that if he wins A will throw a tantrum. B cares for A's well-being and hates to see A unhappy. What should B do?

Live Blog: The Ball by John Fox

On The Raspy Frog

Just went back to reread one of my favorite lines from this book; Fox quoting Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball: "'It was not uncommon,' wrote Naismith of basketball's lawless early days, "to see a player running down the floor, juggling the ball a few inches above his head.'" That's a funny image.

This is an image of the Canadian who invented basketball in 1891.

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