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Post #5 - "Yeah! Waterboy! You Can Do It!"

Dear Reader,

I've started to question the importance of writing this blog every night. I come home late (whether it's my house or my grandparents') - like after 11 every night - worn out, ready to take a shower, and then hit the motherf***ing hay. I may be on vacation with my family in California, but the days have been long (today I spent around 8 hours in the sun - 3-4 of those were spent hiking the mountain trail at Griffith Park). I cherish the time I have with my family (not much time at all), but in doing that I'm sacrificing time that could be spent practicing my writing. (You could probably tell if you read last night's post... haha). It's a hard balance, but at the end of the day I just keep asking myself the questions: What's important to you? What's worth the effort? Do you want to be something great or just another person going through the motions? Do you show your family love, or are you just another one of those kids who take them for granted? Who do you want to be?

For me, those are hard questions. I want to be something great and to show my extraordinary love for my family during the limited time I have with them, but doing both can be mentally and physically taxing, as 8 hours of sleep is pretty hard to manage (LOL at summer vacation)...

Traveling Au Natural

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Follow these tips to keep your natural hair fly during your trip!

When it comes to traveling, hair is just as important as prepping and packing for a trip. Really, who wants to frolic on the beach in a cute bathing suit, but have jacked up hair?! Even though natural hair on vacation can be a bit more freeing than relaxed hair at times, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own set of travel challenges. Whether you’re rocking a frohawk or a head full of curls, follow these tips to keep your natural hair fly during your globe-trotting adventures.

Be Prepared

Different climates can do different things to your hair. Since you wouldn’t want to travel to some great destination and not have any cute pics of yourself to prove it, make sure you stock up on products to counter humidity, dry air, hard shower water and any other elements that can ruin your vacation locks. Be sure to buy travel-sized containers at your local beauty supply store so that you can bring along your must-have products in case they aren’t sold where you’re going.

Protect Your Hair

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