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Beyond Pickup - Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?

On The Tiny Octopus

What started out as my exploration of an age-old question: whether total nerds have a chance at snagging highly desired women ripples into a topic that permeates into a thorough exploration of everything regarding the enigma we call 'love' and how it may not be as magical as we first deem it to be.

Reupdate: 3/14/13 Didn't really mean to update on Valentine's Day but there we go. I rescind my 51/49 soul/body split I mentioned in the 3/13 update after responding to Zach's post on Sebastian Marshall's blog http://sebastianmarshall.com/dont-underestimate-biochemistry. I now believe it is a dynamic split that changes based on situation.

Update: 3/13/13 In yet another update of this post's evolution the original question has been staked in the heart by Tynan's latest post Not that kind of person. I am now more convinced than ever that there are no 'pre-sets' in life and the only barriers we put up are the ones of our own making. Not everyone starts on even-footing and some have advantages over others but in the long run for most things we are self-defined. For the longest time I've tackled a deeper philosophical question - is the body a victim of biological processes or are biological processes controlled by the body? (ie can we use willpower alone to induce biological change) Are human personalities just a sum of biochemical reactions or is the human persona a product of the 'soul'? I now believe that we have a lot more power than we give ourselves credit for and even though our bodies and higher aspects (mind/soul) may often conflict with one another ultimately the higher aspects are in control.

Admittedly hormones and such play a big role in our day to day feel/function and have enough weight to throw us off course . Starting out I think we may be a 51/49 split of mind over matter but with self discipline and proper care of the human vessel in my experience that ratio only goes up to pass more control to the higher self.

Update: 9/6/12 Figure I'd clean this up and add in a shortcut to help anyone trapped in the loop of pining for women - most of what is considered "love" doesn't exist just sex. Read the end of this post for the explanation why. Otherwise original post below...

MMO Search 2014: EVE Final Impressions

On Danger Blog

Now that I have gone a good bit in to how EVE functions, I believe that the time has come to actually tell you how I feel about the game. This is all my opinion on the game of EVE of course, and I’m sure some people will strongly disagree with me on several points. I should first note that I played the game over the course of a month-long free trial. One of the biggest complaints I have seen about the game (and ones I share on some levels) are that the game requires you to commit a lot of time to it in order to get something out of it. For some people this could be a huge draw, and for other people this could be a severe deterrent. EVE is not a game where you often get instant gratification. EVE is not a game where you can just jump in and expect to be successful with little effort. This is a game where I would recommend finding a veteran player or a Corporation to show you the ropes (and even then you still might be scratching your head quite a bit). Now, you can certainly make many aspects of the game easier by looking up guides and tools to help you with tasks such as choosing skills, fitting your ship, or figuring out what to do next. I would highly recommend that any new players at least download external programs that allow for designing ship fits and skill acquisition plans. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that these sort of programs are almost required to be successful in the universe of EVE.

I have seen some people suggest that your first week of playing EVE Online should be devoted to reading about the game rather than playing (though I personally feel like this is going a bit overboard). I think you can jump in and not feel overwhelmed in EVE if you keep your focus narrow and take things one step at a time. Also, you could just do your thing and not even worry about more complex parts of the game, but ultimately your experience might be more successful and more rewarding if you understand most of the game concepts though. I’m not sure that I would call the learning curve in EVE too steep. I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information and all the things you can do in the game. I personally had my friend to help me, who is an EVE veteran, and I still found myself getting frustrated with some things in the game.

To CCP’s credit, they seem to offer many resources to help new players. The launcher prominently displays a link for helpful resources for new players, there is an in-game tutorial that provides advice on what do, there is a rookie channel where people answer new player questions, and I even got an e-mail from a CCP employee to ask if I had any questions. Some Corporations will also take in new players and show them how the game works. So there are certainly resources for new players to look up and learn the game for the first time.

This leads to one of my first criticisms of the game. I enjoy games with some complexity such as strategy or RTS games, but the planning and problem solving takes place entirely within the confines of the game. In EVE I often felt like I was being taken out of the game in order to figure things out such as ship builds, character builds, or what the best equipment to buy was. For example, I need to fit my ship with some weapons. So, I determine what size of weapons fit on my ship, the type of damage I want to inflict, and my desired weapon range. Then I go on the market to purchase that type of weapon and find out that it comes in several different options. Each option offers different amounts of damage, power requirements (the power required to turn the weapon on), and price point. I’m sure that some people can run all the numbers required through their head to figure out the best option, but I think it’s not that difficult to see how an external fitting program can be very helpful in this situation, if not required.

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