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London's Best Markets

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London is an incredible city and certainly tops my list (so far) of the best places to visit. Most of my weekends in London are spent dancing in quirky clubs, walking through the beautiful Hyde Park on a rare sunny day and shopping in the hosts of open air markets. The latter however, was by far one of my favorite activities and every Saturday my friend and I would visit a different market, only to find ourselves falling more in love with this amazing city. If you have the chance to spend a day or two in London, the open markets are certainly a must-see and most are easily accessible by the tube and a short walk.


London’s famous Borough Market can only be accurately described as a food lover’s paradise. It is space where the scent of fresh artisan bread, an array of fried delicacies and massive chocolate bars make it nearly impossible for anyone to resist. Boasting food from all over the world, this market truly reflects London’s cultural and ethnic diversity.


Custom Leather shoes Part 1

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I'll work on this tomorrow, I have been reorganizing all of my supplies and household goods in preparation of a move in the near future. Sorry about the delays everyone.

If you would like to get to work on the project it is a good time to order what you will be needing to actually construct your shoes.

You will need a thonging Chisel

Get a leather punch

A Roll of Artificial Sinew

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