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Volunteering is Good for You

Anyone who has heard me speak knows I strongly suggest spending at least some of your weekly hours living your passion even if it's for no monetary compensation. Volunteering whether for your own projects or for another organization can lead to experience and networking in your chosen field. I didn't realize that I'd soon have a personal story to tell.

While a student in Conestoga's CDP program it became apparent that some students weren't comfortable with technology such as LinkedIn and Google Docs. With a passion for teaching, technology, and helping, I quickly put together a few video tutorials.

Well last August I got 'discovered' by a company in California, Docstoc.com, through my videos. They asked me to design a course for them on Google Drive, paid me, and after months of work and collaboration my course of 30+ videos has been published.

None of this would have happened if I hadn't seen a way to use my talents and help others. Did they contact me because my videos were top of the line? No, they were pretty amateur as they were the first videos I created and I had only intended them to help fellow students. They hired me because they could hear my passion as that is what they wanted in their own videos.

And so, what are your talents? What are the fears stopping you? Where are you holding yourself back from making a difference in this world?

Cups Full of Knowledge

On Mike Dariano

I didn't know how to make soup. I knew how to open a can or say "Yes, I'd like soup with my meal" but I didn't know how to really make soup. Now I do.

Thanks to some help from my wife's uncle I made six quarts of soup. The soup is tasty but more delicious is the knowledge. I've gone from being given a fish to a fishing pole.

The steps for making the soup included chopping vegetables, something I do all the time but also included new tasks like making beans from a bag and using a ham hock for the broth. I didn't know how to do either of things. Now I do.

I love trying, making, and sometimes failing with new food and of all the new-ish foods I've cooked recently, this is the one that's been the most rewarding because it reminds me the most about writing.

I'm writing a book. It might not be any good. It might not sell any copies. It might be a waste of time and money. I'm still doing it.

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