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Spam classification in Python/NLTK

Today's (very first) session is Machine Learning for Hackers (ML4H), chapter 3.

Machine learning is on the top of my list of skills, and I'm learning it in Python, which has ample libraries and community support and a really clean and easy syntax. ML4H is written for R, but there's already a blog series and GitHub repo porting the code to Python.

I'm already familiar with Naive Bayes classification, the approach used here, but I haven't used the Python-based NLTK library. In fact, I recently rolled my own text classification setup in Python and Scikit-Learn's Naive Bayes, so I'm paying particular attention to how the code is structured and what NLTK provides.

The code uses the following methods:

Integrating XNA with Windows Presentation Foundation

On Gorilla Tactics

Hi there. I'm Cory, Lead Programmer for Kung-Fu Kingdom, and I'm going to occasionally be writing articles on how to make programming a complex video game both EASY and FUN EASIER and BEARABLE!

We're writing Kung-Fu Kingdom using a platform called [XNA]( I've worked with a lot of game frameworks, and this particular one has a lot of advantages, but the two big ones are:

1. You can write code in any .NET language, which means you get to use C#, a very nice programming language with a lot of great features. 2. You can compile your project for the XBox 360 Community Games platform.

I'm compelled to note that the primary disadvantage of XNA is that it's currently (and will be for the foreseeable future) Windows only.

Now, XNA is great, and it's based on DirectX, the Microsoft graphics layer that Windows has used for ages. But it's new, and like everything else Microsoft does, when stuff is new, it doesn't work well with others. In particular, they've also recently released a new GUI framework called Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). It's desirable in a lot of cases to mix your game framework with your GUI framework, so you can, say, make a nice looking set of tools to build your game with.

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