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A Mother’s Day at Diary Queen

[Note: I wrote this as a sophmore in university.]

I believe everyone should spend at least one Mother’s Day away from their mother. It’s not everyday that you can admire the “Chinglish” dabbled across the ice cream cakes at the local Dairy Queen. This will surely remind you that there is much more to Mother’s day then “I ♥ The Mom” cakes and memorabilia. Coupled with the Chinese culture of Confucianism, many Chinese people have embraced Mother’s Day out of the traditional ethics of filial piety and respect to the elderly. Filial piety is a term at the root of Chinese culture and behavior, as respecting one’s parents is an all important aspect of life. These two words encompass the essence of my relationship with my mother.

These past four months here in Shanghai has been one of the most enjoyable times of my life.

In between bargaining for DVDs and eating soup dumplings I often think about the difference I see in Chinese and American cultures and customs. I observed a very interesting comparison in the foods of the two nations. My regular morning meal in China has consisted of soy milk and baozis. Baozis are in essence, the cultural equivalent of doughnuts here in China. Each wooden stall that sells the boazis is like a franchised Dunkin’ Donuts in its own right, equipped with unmarked plastic bags, wooden chopsticks and a napkin if you are lucky. They are simple, filling in moderate amounts and taste really good.

Eat. Sleep. Ultimate.

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Ok I'm not as diehard of an Ultimate Frisbee fan as my title suggests, but I love the sport.

Ultimate Frisbee is a fusion of soccer and football, and it's played with a frisbee. It is definitely one of the easiest team sports to learn, probably second behind soccer (maybe further down, but I can't think of any right now). The best part? It's a hell of a fun sport to play. It has a reputation of being a laidback sport (although I wish it didn't) but is still athletically demanding.

Running back and forth on a soccer/football field is hard work. In my first game, I got the "skitch" (that painful feeling in your stomach while running). After that, I picked up running and it no longer bothered me. If I didn't rack up 25+ miles per week, Ultimate games would easily tire me out.

Another thing I love it is that you can play with only one other person if you want. You can simply throw it around, and it's not as boring as merely kicking a soccer ball with another person. You get to still run around and try new tricks, and both people can be relatively far away from each other. And, you only need a Frisbee. You don't need a basket, tennis rackets and a net, a goal, whatever.

I definitely want to continue Ultimate, and I slowly want to start being more competitive. It's currently the only team sport I play, and it's definitely amazing.

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