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8. I have a dream

ok I had a nightmare. A while back I woke up in cold sweat, because I felt insignificant and useless after an encounter with Tynan and his friends. In this dream, I came to a hangout looking to meet interesting people. I thought that I inherently belonged in such a crowd and figured that it would be easy to jump right in. When I got there, however, Tynan asked me for vitamins. Weird right?

This stopped me cold. In dream logic, he was asking me if I had anything new to contribute. I either brought fresh ideas and energy into the group, or I was just another dead-weight groupie. I panicked. Up until that point, I was confident in myself even in my dreams. I woke up wondering if I have anything original or interesting to add to a conversation in a group of creators and innovators. Many of the things that come to mind are derivatives of the ideas I read from books and blogs of those same people.

Luckily, I snapped out of it when the fears and insecurities of dream-brain seeped away. I remembered the many personal breakthroughs and interesting experiences that I've had in my life. This is when I realized that it is important to me to be a creator and not a mere consumer. I am a peer, not a fan. It seems that my dream of inadequacy was spurring me to catch up.

Next time: the first original thought that I recalled after my dream.

What's your tribe?

On Non linear life

I find that as time moves on, I am getting involved with different groups. When I was growing up, I observed this in my parents. They were always involved in something. I did not understand why though.

I do understand now. With my personality I seek connections with new and diverse people. For me it is the essence of life. It is my way of living it.

Over the past week I have interacted with several of my current "tribes" as I call them. Our local high school marching band, my son's Boy Scout troop, my Cross Fit classmates. Each group brings something different to me.

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