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Winter in InWorldz

Much of InWorldz is experiencing Winter right now.

At first I wanted to write a post about all of the great Winter regions and various snowy themed areas. I quickly realized that I would just be writing for DAYS – there are SO many wonderful places.

So, I limited this writing to encompass the places I came across when looking for things I wanted for Yule and for Winterizing of my regions. There are MANY, many more places than those listed here.

These first few are from a seasonal store in Musing Moments. I came here during the Fall as well and they had a lovely assortment of Autumn items, I thought I would come back to take a gander at their Christmas items. There are a few different creators in this store.

Awesome pictures of the Socialize crew

On DROdio

Some great pictures of the Socialize crew!

Some great pictures of the Socialize crew!

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