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Catch the trend, here?

I scored all of these amazing deals by doing one thing, and one thing only.

I traveled off season.

Traveling off season or during the low season, simply put, is the time of year when a destination gets the fewest visitors. As a result, amazing hotels are plentiful as they tend to offer the lowest prices to attract customers and fill rooms. Scheduling some of my travel during this season has been the easiest way for me to secure the best resorts, vacation packages and flight deals. People always say that the weather off-season in most places is horrendous (hot, cold or rainy), but often, it's quite the contrary. If you're ok with a day or so of possible shoddy weather, traveling when there aren't many other tourists around is an attractive option for many. During my stay at each of these locations, the weather didn't hint at anything out of the ordinary (with the exception of Bali). In fact, I couldn't have asked for better weather.

Travelling, Europe and working on the road.

On Ideas in the Making

well now that school is over I decided to buy a one to Copenhagen with my trusty 19l tom bihn backpack in and thats it. I will probably be meeting up with a friend in a couple of weeks and keep europe hopping from there. So if anyone is in europe let me know.

A couple of thoughts:

1. Travelling light rocks. I'm walking around with my 19l backpack that has EVERYTHING and see all these people with 60l+ backpacks + a day pack and maybe even a yoga mat or w/e. Absolutely insane. I have no idea how these people do it. I got off the plane and immediately went to go hit up some sites, chill at a cafe and just organize myself for a couple of hours. With a huge backpack I would not be able to do that.

2. Cameras are pretty much pointless if you have a top-notch camera phone or aren't a serious photographer. I love taking photos, and taking raw photos and editing them on Lightroom can't be beat. But with camera phones being Good enough for most instances nowadays the only time i feel i need a good quality camera ( I use a cannon s100, but any prosumer point and shoot, or god for big a big dslr is what im referring to) is at night or in dark situations where i can really push the aperture/sensor. Although even the iphone has a pretty solid aperture nowadays ( I have a samsung s5). But in terms of just taking photos and sharing them you can't beat camera phones.

3.If you are travelling with friends Private hostels rooms are a REALLY good deal imo. I still haven't done this, although i have reserved some for when i do meet up with some friends in a week from now. But for the most part u can get a two bed private hostel for 30-60 a person depending where in europe you are. If you are travelling with 4 friends you could probably also sneak in some NICE hotels in europe and divide by 4 and end up paying maybe a bit more than a hostel for really good service.

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