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Ballin' on a Budget

Let’s keep it real. Most of us aren't bringing in the big bucks. And as much as we love seeing the world, trying to plan that dream vacation can burn holes in our pockets. While some people are fortunate enough to fly first class and stay at pricey hotels and luxury resorts, many of us travel on budgets to get the biggest bang out of our little bucks. Ballin’ on a budget isn’t impossible and doesn’t require a compromise in comfort, safety or fun. Check out three ways you can take the trip of your dreams and stay under budget.


Take Note of Peak vs. Off Peak Travel Times

Sure it sounds great to travel to Europe in July, but unless you’ve got about $1000 for the flight alone, budget travel in the summer is a going to be a tough one. Try traveling during off peak seasons like fall and winter. The weather might not be warm enough to get your tan on, but it may still be just as lovely…just like the prices. Keep your eye on sites like Airfarewatchdog, Kayak Buzz and Skyscanner so you don’t miss deals when they pop up.

Packages Are Your Friend


On My Dreams Are My Wings

Basically this is my routine for not feeling like a huge mess when you got a cold.

I had a cold last month, which means I looked like those cute cartoons that you can find on the internet during cold seasons. BUT … life goes on and sadly I couldn’t be in bed during finals.

I don’t usually care about how I look,( well, probably every girl secretly does even just a bit), but I know that when I’m sick I don’t want to look even worse if I have to go somewhere.

Here we go:

First things first, choose one of your favorite pieces of clothing, it might sound a bit superficial but believe me, it makes a difference, at least you’ll feel good with yourself, (even your favorite underwear, that will probably help too). Winter is here, so picking a comfy and cozy outfit will be perfect, maybe what you wore last Christmas will do the job … unless you wore pajamas all day.

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