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The "Pick 2" Rule

On DROdio

There's a great saying amongst techies that translates to life in general:

Good, Fast, Cheap... Pick 2.

Meaning you can never get all three.  And it makes sense.  You can get something 'good' and 'fast', but it won't be cheap.  Or it can be 'good' and it can be 'cheap', but it won't be fast.  Etc.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it's a rule of the universe.  So don't forget it next time you have a contractor over at your house promising all three things to you on a repair estimate!

111. Highrise

On 365days 100words


The floor-to-ceiling windows were left open in the evenings. Patches of dark blue, star-littered sky interspaced with charcoal grey walls, as we sat drinking cheap alcohol.

“Why do you think Mr. Red jumped off?”

“Must be his stupid wife. She always wore the pants...”

“Whatever it was, our snoopy neighbours are going to find a lot of blood on the pavement tomorrow.”

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