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3 Steps to Write a Power-packed Introduction

On Econoception

We all want the halo effect to work in our favour. According to Wikipedia, halo effect is defined as a

cognitive bias in which our judgments of a person’s character can be influenced by our overall impression of him or her.

Applied to education and essay writing, we can think of it as the teacher evaluating a student based on his initial impression of the student's ability and performance. With tens and hundreds of scripts to read, teachers can hardly be blamed for judging a book by its cover. After all, it is far more likely that a well written essay follows a good introduction and that a poor essay follows a bad one. This means that it is in a student's advantage to spend some time to write a good introduction. After all, who wouldn't want to start a journey with a step in the right direction?

In general,the introduction should achieve the following aims.

It cannot be stressed how important definitions are. Not only do clear definitions demonstrate your understanding of the content to the examiners, more importantly, they allow you to identify the scope of the essay more clearly and ensure that you are sticking closely to the question. Definitions can range from simple one-liner explanations of what national income is or what barriers to entry are, to full paragraphs illustrating how the price mechanism functions or how the short-run profit maximising rule works.



A few notable things have happened in the past couple of weeks. Firstly, I went for a horse trek- a wild, wet, windy canter along the sands following a splash in the surf and a beautiful stagger through the native bush, over little streams and across wide open paddocks. This was with Wayne and Penny, our neighbours, kind of, at Wildcoast Ruapuke. Lucky to be invited, and excited to be back in the saddle, riding reminded me of how wonderful it is simply to walk and to look, to not really think, just sit back and go with the movement, in this case of Blue, a handsome and sturdy roan.

Also, I spent a day working for a clever friend of mine, Ben, who makes groovy shoes from upcycled materials under the name Trash Footwear (www.trashfootwear.com). This earned me an awesome pair of boots, ready for Winter wanderings. He's off to Oz to do some work, so needed a hand tying up loose laces and fattening up the website, which was real fun.

Then there was the storm. A mighty weight of wind, whipping and smashing through Ruapuke, taking trees, power lines, tipping, tossing, tumbling all kinds of objects as if rubbish, leaving then strewn across lawns like an obstreperous teenager, who's in fact still waiting, sulking around the mountain and shouting gusts of air, though for us now from a more amiable distance. It came in the night and felt like it could kick the bus down... Fortunately, it's reasons lacked conviction and it seemed to stomp off after an extended tantrum, leaving, well, just a bit of a mess. Which afforded us a lovely day at the bus, with no power and a good reason to cook delicious food on the fire, dream up cool ideas for the bus and of course, siesta.

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