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Fed Up With Kevin Federline

On Tynan

So... what's the best way to get famous? Clearly, piggypacking of someone else's career. I mean, look at how Benzino dissed Eminem to get in the spotlight a couple years ago.

Kevin Federline has released an abortion of a song called "PopoZao", which features idiotic choruses and a full twenty seconds of him actually rapping. If he wasn't piggy backing off of Britney Spears, I'm pretty sure not a single person would listen to his song.

So, in an effort for me to become a famous rapper, I'm going to piggy back off of HIS "fame". It's a solid plan. I've written a song making fun of what a retard he is, particularly referencing a video that was released of him jamming out to his own song.

"The Vegas Scene Gets Britney Jean"

On Sara Alina

Britney Spears, a girl who gave us some of the best pop hits of all time. An Icon .......... A Pop Princess. Even at her lows, the love for her still endured and sill endures, as she continues to sell out arenas and top the charts. I mean who doesn't love Britney Spears. For many, she holds the memories of childhood, paired next to the boy band frenzy and Christina Aguilera, in her "Genie in a bottle" days. She has grown up with us, and we have grown with her, as she transitioned from a little girl to a grown woman.

If you haven't seen her in concert yet, I highly recommend it, but there is no use in waiting for her tour to come around. No, don't worry she's not retiring; Britney just signed a huge deal for the next two years, as a recurring show in the fabulous LAS VEGAS. That's right, move over Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and Rod Stewart, Britney is in the Planet Hollywood building! As you can guess, she is also receiving a pretty hefty allowance, at 300, 000 per show and 30 million for the next set of shows in 2015. Britney Spears is perfect for what Vegas has been transitioning into for the last few years. Now, Vegas is seeing a younger demographic coming in to "Sin City" to party, and not so much coming for the casinos. So, you have two years to head to the "younger Las Vegas" and check out Britney Spears to hear her classic oldies, and the new "Britney Jean" album goodies.

- Love Sara Alina


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