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First let me start off by saying that love is deadly. It is crazy to one day hit this certain time in your life where you look at your boyfriend/girlfriend and realize I'm not just interested in you, I am completely infatuated with you.

It is impossible to say you have never loved. Somewhere out in the world whether its a friend or a family member you love them. And if they left you, you would hurt. But the big one I want to discuss is being in love with someone because thats where its serious. If you haven't been one of those people yet feel lucky because with love comes pain.

If you have loved someone and been hurt from it, there is a guarenteed sadness that comes from it, you shed some tears but I promise you move on. When you have hit the "I am in love with you", this is where you realize "What would I do without this person, because i am so utterly one with them that I literally can not imagine life without them."

Let me tell you, I am a guilty member of those trying to recover from an "i was/still/and will always be in love with you" heartbreak.

Things an inanimate object makes me realize...

On Aliens in a Conference Room Talking About Earth

I am afraid of success and freedom. The fear, in a way, is controlling my life. in following my routine i have found that…

A. IT IS DOABLE. As in I am able to exist this way for what I can see as a significant chunk of time so why break or change it? Why build towards success if everything is fine right here. Nobody tells you there is an oddly comfortable waiting room in limbo.

B. I HAVE THE MIRACULOUS MAGIC OF GRAND DELUSION. In not taking the allotted steps to actually make a change in my life I have devoted my life to the thought that I have the capacity of becoming extremely successful. ordinarily this would be a positive thought to have because I have such great faith in myself, something that ABSOLUTELY helps when chasing and pursuing a dream/goal. For me the faith while traditionally speaking is great is also extremely hindering to me because it tells me that I am in that I am in no hurry to work towards my dream/ goal due to the fact that I see it is already guaranteed to me.

SO thanks to a 60 cent ornament I see that clearly I am holding myself back from doing what makes me happy and most fulfilled because I can't imagine living a life where I am not struggling.

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