Honesty Honestly.

A girl with a lot of thoughts.


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Thoughts at night

You have saved me.

You took my sadness and replaced it with an appreciation of life and new love.

You have made me happy again and taught me that it is possible to be happy and move on.

That there are in fact people out there like you who are beautifully perfect and respectful, that exist.

Instead of struggling to sleep because of tears, I now delay sleep with a smile, just thinking of how you make me feel.

Spring walk and recharging

On Non linear life

Walking by Bolin Creek in Chapel Hill has been a life saver for me.

With life that is definitely non linear and constantly changing, I need somewhere to go to hear my own thoughts and just listen.

Walking the creek for me has been meditative. Here are some observations from my morning walk:

All of these guided my thoughts. Thoughts that are hard to discern during the hustle of life.

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