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Internal Peace=External Happiness

I am so content with life right now. Even though I have a million things going on at once I'm not overwhelmed but instead overjoyed.

It is my first week of college and I have a random roommate that I have never met before now. Yet Im not nervous everything has been going almost too perfect.

My roommate and I get along like best friends, we share all the same common interests. All of my professors are very likable and for once I am not worried about any of my classes.

Ive been spending my time being outside, spending time by the lake and doing anything I can to stay busy. But I don't feel as though Im forcing myself to keep busy, it's just coming naturally.

I have morning classes everyday yet Im able to wake up easily and stay energized all day and fall asleep peacefully.

Early On a Sunday Morning: Happy Mother's Day!

On Where Pianos Roam

Happy Mother's Day!!

Early this morning, I went out to my Mom's very charming and sweet little garden, and I took some photos .  .  .



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