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1 of 5 Tattoos

Id like to talk about my first tattoo.

Its placed on the curve of my left shoulder simply saying:

So for some reason no one has ever understood this except for me, but that's never bothered me after all it is my tattoo. But Ive always interpreted it as the situtation when people are looking down on their life feeling miserable and depressed and pleading for an answer on how to become happy; all they need to do is be happy and it as simple as that.

Now I won't lie, there have been moments when I didn't even believe it myself, but it stays imprinted in my body and I love that. Because at this point I realize how true it is. And Im sure I will go through multiple moments in life when I doubt it again, but when I reach my moments like this it completely erases all my times of doubt.

two cautious lovers who were hurt one too many times; 2 AM Monday, 28 July 2014

On to find me in the infinite universe

we built up our arsenals to keep ourselves whole in case we fell too hard in love

we quietly stashed slivers of affection in other people and other things so when we fell we would still exist elsewhere

we tested the waters with jabbing words and photos hoping that we'd make each other bitterly jealous

we wanted to validate that we weren't cutting ourselves open for each other in the vulnerability of love

but how could we have known

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