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First let me start off by saying that love is deadly. It is crazy to one day hit this certain time in your life where you look at your boyfriend/girlfriend and realize I'm not just interested in you, I am completely infatuated with you.

It is impossible to say you have never loved. Somewhere out in the world whether its a friend or a family member you love them. And if they left you, you would hurt. But the big one I want to discuss is being in love with someone because thats where its serious. If you haven't been one of those people yet feel lucky because with love comes pain.

If you have loved someone and been hurt from it, there is a guarenteed sadness that comes from it, you shed some tears but I promise you move on. When you have hit the "I am in love with you", this is where you realize "What would I do without this person, because i am so utterly one with them that I literally can not imagine life without them."

Let me tell you, I am a guilty member of those trying to recover from an "i was/still/and will always be in love with you" heartbreak.

VUCA, the future, and me

On Non linear life

Lately I have been reading a new book by Thomas Friedman, "Thank You for Being Late". It is a book you have to pay attention to or you will miss something. Already I have picked up a few nuggets. I hope it will help me deal with this VUCA world that I operate in along with my family. It is not going to solve a lot of problems for me, but I hope it gives me hope and understanding of the possibilities that still exist. Especially for my kids.

It has been said that the past election and its surprising outcome to many (me included) had something to do with how working class folks worried, not about themselves, but their kids. That seems normal to me and I actually tried and am still trying to understand the other parts of that story. It is not so simple, although many pollsters try to make it out to be that way. American politics is not so cut and dry. Never has been.

So back to the book. Part of me is wanting the book to tell me what is shifting and how can I deal with it. I think of career and lifestyle. Career is still very much in play. I am not yet old enough to qualify for full retirement under the social security laws, but I don't think I would want to retire at that age (67) anyway. I feel when most boomers do that, they have too many other things to do before they leave the planet.

I have not reached the end of the book, but here is what has been affirmed so far:

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