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First let me start off by saying that love is deadly. It is crazy to one day hit this certain time in your life where you look at your boyfriend/girlfriend and realize I'm not just interested in you, I am completely infatuated with you.

It is impossible to say you have never loved. Somewhere out in the world whether its a friend or a family member you love them. And if they left you, you would hurt. But the big one I want to discuss is being in love with someone because thats where its serious. If you haven't been one of those people yet feel lucky because with love comes pain.

If you have loved someone and been hurt from it, there is a guarenteed sadness that comes from it, you shed some tears but I promise you move on. When you have hit the "I am in love with you", this is where you realize "What would I do without this person, because i am so utterly one with them that I literally can not imagine life without them."

Let me tell you, I am a guilty member of those trying to recover from an "i was/still/and will always be in love with you" heartbreak.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

On Infinite Skylines

I must admit, every time I hear this, I become so curious...

Than I quickly learned, when I spent a year living in Las Vegas, that indeed what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, but this should apply to everyday life as well. What happens in your life, should stay within you (and if someone is involved, them as well) and shouldn't be on social media, or bragged about, especially when what has happened is something that could devastate others. I decided to write about this when today at work I found myself unoccupied, and when I am unoccupied I tend to think way too much, about horrible things in my past, which never ends up well for me. I have to work on controlling my thoughts.


I thought to myself about all of the horrible things I have done and all of the horrible things that have happened to me over the past few years, and thought anything a reactive person would think.

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