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First let me start off by saying that love is deadly. It is crazy to one day hit this certain time in your life where you look at your boyfriend/girlfriend and realize I'm not just interested in you, I am completely infatuated with you.

It is impossible to say you have never loved. Somewhere out in the world whether its a friend or a family member you love them. And if they left you, you would hurt. But the big one I want to discuss is being in love with someone because thats where its serious. If you haven't been one of those people yet feel lucky because with love comes pain.

If you have loved someone and been hurt from it, there is a guarenteed sadness that comes from it, you shed some tears but I promise you move on. When you have hit the "I am in love with you", this is where you realize "What would I do without this person, because i am so utterly one with them that I literally can not imagine life without them."

Let me tell you, I am a guilty member of those trying to recover from an "i was/still/and will always be in love with you" heartbreak.


On Shut Up and Take My Hand

I think everyone's had a few of these- flirtationships. When you flirt with someone almost exclusively (does that make sense?) but you're not in a relationship (whether you want to be in one or not is up to you~).

I'm not really one for flirting, its cute and funny and interesting at times but to be honest not really my thing. Either flirting with other people or them flirting with me, just don't like it. Of course I'm flattered but mmmmh back off I'm not interested. So obviously I don't make a habit of doing it either, though I should be a bit more accurate. I guess I'm ever so slightly (hehe completely) sexist since I only ever flirt with *girls* not *guys*. Don't know why, maybe since I'm generally more ummm masculine? Well, with most people anyways. So maybe that's why but I think more of a reason is that girls are more 'physical' without actually touching you.

I love contact, but only with people I know. That's pretty much the same for everyone? So it really annoys me when someone I don't know touches me - hands off! And girls aren't so quick to touch in a more...ummm...invasive (?) way? Or maybe I'm just more comfortable with girls?

I like hugs with basically everybody though I'd say girls give better hugs so I guess I prefer contact with girls as well. Off topic~~

Anyways, flirtationships. The reason I don't really like them is well, they're undefined. I don't like that. Like...you're not friends, but you're nothing more than friends either. It would be *horrible* to be stuck in a flirtationship if you actually liked that person but was unsure what the other person felt. Just to point out, flirtationships only exist when the two people are friends-good friends.

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