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"Sun Structures" Album Review (Song by Song)

Alright, here's another album that I absolutely adore. "Sun Structures" is a piece of art all on its own. Temples is an English psychedelic rock band who are simply amazing. They consist of four members James Edward Bagshaw (lead guitar, lead vocals), Thomas Edison Warmsley (bass guitar, vocals), Sam Toms (drums), and Adam Smith (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals). What's interesting and crazy cool about them is that they bring back the whole 70's feel of the era, but bring it back in a really cool way.

I saw them in concert at The Constellation Room in April and I loved every second of it. Not only were they still fantastic, but they were also even better than on the CD. James, Thomas, and Adam really know how to play guitar. They were absolutely amazing and I couldn't believe how much more amazing they were in person. Their guitar sound was loud and powerful and they sounded just like their album which was very impressive to me considering that some artists don't do so well in concert. They were an odd looking bunch all of them having long hair, but I've always liked long hair so I enjoyed it.

Now the album starts off with an upbeat song "Shelter Song" which was released separate from the album. It was a "single" but was combined with "Colours to Life" in 2013. I heard this song not too long after it had come out and I absolutely loved it. It has that 70's feel to it complete with sitar and awesome drum playing. The lyrics are sung in a way that makes one sway with the music. James spreads the words left and right like a painter pushes paint across the canvas. Unlike their other songs, Shelter Song is the most upbeat of them all. This song very much reminds me of the laid back and interesting culture of the 60/70's with men and women going to each other's houses to share their art and dreams together. The sound of this particular song is unique from the others because it is the most normal out of them all and it is the most upbeat. Shelter Song will have you dancing and swaying in no time.

The next song on the album is Sun Structures. This song starts off with a drum solo lasting about twenty seven seconds before James comes in. He enters with a soft tone of voice accompanying the drums still playing. To be honest, it's very difficult for me to understand the lyrics in the beginning, but they begin to clear up the farther you go into the song. The combinations of everyone's voices created a melodic and soothing sound. I adore it. The guitars provide a powerful sound that's even better in person. The song is composed very well and the tempo of the lyrics though very fast, works quite swimmingly. This songs ends with a very long instrumental lasting about a minute long.

The Boy In the Room

On Where Pianos Roam

[caption id="attachment_762" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo by Gordon Roque"][/caption] I just posted another song from my album on myspace.  It's a quiet little ballad with piano, acoustic guitar, and chamberlain.  This is the song that opens up my album "Seahorses". I vividly remember when I wrote this song.  It was a slow build over a few months during my last year living in Charlotte, NC.  I was living in the university area north of uptown at the time and was heading home after work.  It was one of those long summer days when the Sun seemed to refuse to set.  I looked up as I was driving through my neighborhood from work and was awestruck by the sky.  Hues of golden yellow, orange, billowy white, and the lightest of blues cascaded up above the earth.  Of course, it was just another late afternoon in the south, but it felt like there was something magical in the sky--something so far removed from these comparitively mundane lives we live. I was five blocks from my house when the idea for a song popped into my head.  I started to hum a melody to the words "I wonder why .  .  .".  As soon as I parked the car, I rummaged around my truck for a pen and paper.  Not finding any paper, I tore off a piece of a cardboard box and just started writing.    I remember writing the words "I wonder why he's blue as the sky', and the rest was history.  I sat there in my truck and parked in my driveway for half an hour just writing a bunch of lyrics.  Through the next few weeks, that melody I hummed came to me at the piano.  I coaxed it out of hiding, and it exists for all to hear on my album. During that whole year, I was at a crossroad in my life.  Feeling compelled to leave Charlotte towards an adventure unknown.  Feeling all the fears and uncertainty that come with tumultuous change.  As I wrote this song, I was thinking about the idea of freedom within the realm of imprisonment--a dichotomy and a coexistance. I've often said during many of my shows that this song in particular is blatantly about me.   Well, it is, actually--in more ways than I care to count or dare to mention. Here are the lyrics:

Lyrics and Music by Gordon Roque © 2008 Gordon Roque BMI (All Rights Reserved) He's the boy in the room Who stands on his own Could it be that he's not So alone He stands as he stares out of his window As the sun shines down Chorus: And I wonder why He's blue as the sky He roams in a world Where lullabies swirl As a caged bird sings As a caged bird sings He goes far away To places unknown And he runs from his own shadow He walks through a path To a beat he follows As the songs fill his soul Something carries him away From where doors close below Something hurries him to shelter Away from the cold Something quietly sings a melody As he lives and breathes _________________________________ I was honestly tickled pink when I finished this song.  It was a sense of accomplishment that embraced me so lovingly. I am very proud of this song.  It is a graceful, elegant, and understated testament to this life that I have lived. I am now so proud to share it all with you. Just click here to hear it for yourself. More to come soon. -gordo

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