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No, I am not referring to the beat poem by Tim Minchin. Here are some pictures that I took immediately after today's storm.

As you can see it involved a lot of hail which knocked down a lot of leaves. Luckily, there was no tree or window damage. I have yet to look at the roof.

Coffee Blossoms

On Memories of home 'backayaad'

Cahfee blossoms heralding the berries. I find being able to pick my own berries and home roast them heightens my enjoyment of my obligatory cup in the morning. These berries pictured here are not quite ready for reaping. Once they acquire a red colour, they can be picked.

It reminds me of my grandmother who use to do the same thing. The berries were picked, washed and spread on the 'bahbecue' to dry in the sun and then roasted. The bahbecue was a flat concrete surface that was the catchment for the water tank. After roasting, the coffee beans were ground by hand in a mortar that was made from a tree trunk.

As a child, it was the greatest treat to be given the last sip of coffee from Mum's mug. We were too young at the time to be given a full cup but nothing could be more satisfying than to be the one chosen to receive the last treasured drop . To this day, I recall the taste of her coffee in which she added a tip of salt to enhance its flavour. She would also have a piece of hard dough bread (a type of bread that is firm and chewy) along with her morning mug, into which it was dipped and that too was shared with the grandchildren.

There are so may ways to enjoy coffee. My Aunt tells of her father making coffee with fresh warm goats milk with a kiss of cinnamon. I recently got three goats so soon I hope to put this recipe to the test. A cup of coffee sweetened with condensed milk and a teaspoon of vanilla is delicious. How do you take your coffee?

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