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When it comes to fascinating shoes, United Nude have created some of the most inspiring and innovative designs one can think of. Launched in 2003, the Mobius shoe, all the way through to the present day have been recognised as a design classic. Founders Rem D Koolhaas and Galahad Clark have since become the leaders in creating truly fashion forward architectural heels.

Just a quick look at some of their collection leaves you in awe.

United Nude without hesitation has to be one of the most collaborative brands in the industry with projects ranging from fashion designers, artists, photographers and architects. The result? A flawlessly produced masterpiece, innovative and unbelievably decadent in design.

Op-Ed: ANA's A380 order: Pyrrhic Victory

On AviationFact

As seen in Vero Venia blog (here), an insightful one, the Airbus A380, in 2015, has gained an order from an unexpected client: All Nippon Airways (ANA), and is for 3 units of the superjumbo, possibily (as said in other spaces) using the A380s for using in 2020 Olympics service at Narita (the only airport in Tokyo, as I know, to have the capability to use the A380). Airbus has tried to sell the A380 in Japan, whatever conditions it might take, and might have been reached a solid sale now (after the Skymark debacle).

However, I have very doubts of why is the 2020 Olympics service in Narita, the reason to use the A380 by ANA. In fact, ANA gained slots in Haneda Airport (the other airport in Tokyo Area), and ANA already ordered 20 777-9X aircraft, twin-engined, making the A380 need an improbability, unless that possible revamp of Narita services makes the way to reality, and also taking advantage of the other cancellations and deferrements (Air Austral, TransAero, Virgin Atlantic and Skymark). Resuming in a statement: If ANA has a need for VLAs, like A380, the need will be very small, with a small sub-fleet of A380s, while the majority of widebodies will be mid-sized with the 777-9X being mid-to-large-sized widebody, unless ANA changes the business model and (said by Vero Venia in the same post) "grows it Japanese hub(s) between North America and Asia". However, Haneda Airport, for the record, is not capable to handle the A380.

According also to Vero Venia, the A380 of ANA is probabily equipped with Rolls-Royce Trent 900, used on Skymark's A380. A thing that I am leaned too. However, the Japanese Companies works with either manufacurers of the A380 engines (RR with the Trent 900 and Engine Alliance (GE and PW (the company has PW1100G which will be used on ANA A320neo)) with the GP7200). So, it's enough reasons to making the ANA's A380, an order with EA's GP7200 possible. This order might be an entrance order for possible lease of second-handed, more inefficient A380s, as advanced by the same blog, compromising, in my point of view, costs of operation and costs of maintenance.

Nonetheless, this might be a pyrrhic victory for the Airbus A380. Why? Because this order for 3 A380 for ANA might not be enough to save the A380 program from problems, thus shooting themselves in the foot with the A380 program.

As stated in the Boeing's Randy's Audio Journal (here), Airbus is de-emphasizing the possibility of improving the A380 (A380neo) to making a bigger A350 (A350-1100 or A350-2000) to compete with 777X. It demonstrates how Airbus bet on A380 is failing, is struggling to get orders, and for the companies like ANA (as said, again, on same Vero Venia post), the Airbus A380 might not be profitable at all, unless an leasing arrengement have been made, for leasing, likely by Doric/Amedeo (the only leasing companies which largely invested on A380; ILFC, on other hand, limted the investment to some units, all to Emirates), to lowering the DOC (Direct Operating Cost).

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