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Buy and sell for the week

On Herald Hippo

Soo...new category here. What do people nowadays sell? Interesting question.

therefore I decided to make a top 5 objects that people sell online. It will be a weekly top so maybe if you live in the CZ you can search for the object that will make you happy:

1. Adidas shoes, brand new, NO LACES. How can one sell shoes missing one of the most important component? Not to mention that in the picture they DO have them. Seems that nobody found it weird enough to ask..

2. Electric depilator (body hair remover). Used several times. Where the hell is the sanitary police?! Would you buy it?

3.Book: "Etiquette for men. A book of modern manners and customs. Dances, dinners, weddings and other special occasions." Looks a bit old, so I wonder if they have the chapter on: how to stay for 1 hour minimum in the bathroom, use more products for skin and hair than your girlfriend, and beg her to tell you that you look sleek :). Just kidding..or not? :)

The 2015 Gear Post

On Tynan

At last! I'm going to start this gear post with a promise, since everyone's been so patient: the 2016 Gear Post will be out on or before the Monday following Thanksgiving of 2015.

The bad news is that I fear my gear posts are going to slowly become more boring over time. While my main goal is to have the very best gear to travel with, my secondary goal is to have as little of it as possible. At this point my backpack is half empty, and a handful of items are being eyed for removal for next year.

But that's the great thing about great gear. It fulfills a need so wholly that nothing else is needed to share the burden. And, in some cases, like clothing, the gear is of such quality that spares aren't necessary.

So, without further ado, the 2015 Gear Post. As usual, many of these links are affiliate links, as this is one of very few posts that I make money on. Some products are given to me for free. While I do try more gear because of this, I never list anything that I don't think is necessary and the best in its category.

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