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A van... or an RV.. or something like that....

I tend to get bored with things easily. Sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes it takes a year or two. It usually depends on what it is but in the end I get bored with pretty much everything. Including the place I live.

So to solve that I've got a new plan. Or technically two.

As I also get bored living in the same place for too long I tend to move a lot. If I look at the last 10 year's I've moved 17 times. not as much as some other people I know (seriously, where do they find the energy) but more than most. That said, I seriously dislike moving house. The packing, unpacking, etc... it's just not worth it. So I figured that life would be much easier if my house was mobile. And yes, that explains the title. My plan is to permanently move into a van or a RV.

Sophomore Slump

On A Germinating Seed

Blogging is a form of my procrastination. Actually, it's one of my many forms of procrastination, but that's not the point. And the funny thing is, this post is going to be about procrastination.

So, you know where you're in your last year of college / high school, and you really don't want to do anything, so you don't do anything, and that's called "senioritis"?

Well, apparently there's something like that for sophomores and it's called the “sophomore slump". My friend said that she had it, and I was intrigued.

But, quite honestly, I believe that we are naturally lazy people, and we tend to not do things that are boring or tedious or difficult. Sometimes, it's just really nice to cruise through life.

Actually, it's an economic concept.

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