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So as you probably already guessed, I decided to go with Chinese first.

There really was no other reason than "I've been thinking about it for ages". When I think about it then I have to admit it's probably the least helpful language for me to learn at this point. Then again, who said learning should be driven by necessity?

Maybe it's different in other places but when I look around me then most of the time people don't learn just for the fun of it. Sure, they often have fun while learning but they only seem to start learning when something becomes useful. And I have to admit, I went through a period like that as well. Unfortunately though it also took away part of my enjoyment related to learning. Sure, whatever I learned was helpful and the process was fun but it was often at an inconvenient moment. Because of that the learning also created additional stress and I stopped enjoying it.

About a year ago I started learning things just for the heck of it again though and I'm now actually enjoying it again. Sure, being able to say:"I want to read a book now" in Chinese is probably not very helpful but then, who cares? It's not like I have to be able to have a conversation with somebody tomorrow. I can just slowly work my way through the material.

My Book Rating System

On Military Dad

As I mentioned in my introduction, I love to read.

I've been reading regularly for as long as I can remember. It originally started out with The Hardy Boys around 4th or 5th grade, but that all changed with two books. The first was Legend by David Gemmell and the second was Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. They both blew my mind, and I quickly became addicted to anything that involved fantasy or science fiction. While my tastes have significantly expanded over the past decade (mostly out of necessity since it felt like I had read everything), fantasy and sci-fi still lie at the core of my love of reading and any short stories I write or ideas for future novels tend to dwell in those genres.

At this point, I almost always have three of four books going at the same time. Since I'm usually awake before the rest of the family, I read while I'm eating breakfast. I listen to audio books during my transit to work, and I even read in the bathroom (don't judge me). Asking me to go to sleep without reading at least 20 pages first would be just as strange as asking me to sleep on the floor.

When I moved my blog to this platform, I wanted to incorporate more book reviews.

I've done a few in the past, but they were mostly requested by the authors or publishers. While I certainly have no issues doing that, they don't come along all that often. I also believe that identifying what you like and dislike about certain books helps hopeful writers (such as myself) develop their own style and tendencies. Therefore, I wanted to start including more reviews on my site. Obviously, these are only my opinions, and I've been known to be wrong more than once (just ask my wife).

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