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A new language

No, I didn't get lazy with the last one but given the fact that I only know a bit of VB which really isn't a programming language I figured I needed at least one programming language amongst my choices.

All of the options have their pros and cons for me. In the long run I want to move to Brazil (even if only for a couple of years) but it might not be feasible yet. So although it would be practical I also have some time left to learn the language.

Russian is just because I have so many russian friends and not all of them are fluent in English. Plus let's face it, it's cool if you can sound like a spy no matter how old you are :)

Mandarin.. I really don't have a reason for that except that it's been on my list of things I would like to learn for ages now. Perhaps I should just do it.

Top 25 Things I Did At 25

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

On my birthday last year, I made a list of the Top 24 Things I Did At 24. It was a fun project, and I decided I'd make it a yearly tradition. That way, every year I grow older I'm forced to do more and more interesting things.

My 26th birthday was yesterday, and while it's a day late, here is my list of the Top 25 Things I Did At 25. A few things didn't make the cut, which is good. It means I did more than 25 cool things this year.

So, in no particular order:

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